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Avatar GLOG I guess?

Not the blue people, the good one. With the platypus-bears.

The Base Adventurer
1010 + Body1+015

You have 3 ability scores - Body, Spirit, and Luck. You add Body to mundane attack and to dodge; Spirit to bending attack and as a penalty to Saves vs your bending; and Luck as a bonus to your Save rolls. These are determined like your preferred GLOG hack (4d4, 3d6, 2d6 + 3, whatever). You get 100 XP for visiting a notable location and 10 XP per HD/level of enemy defeated, four times that if you have a significant emotional connection to them.



Equipment: A backpack, a bedroll, and equipment befitting your bending type (a glider staff, a waterskin, etc.) or a weapon.

A: Bending, +1 BD
B: +1 BD
C: +1 BD
D: +1 BD

Bending: You are one of the four types of bender - water, fire, earth, or air. You start with 1 Bending Die (BD, it's a d6), and have an extra Bending Die if you aren't wearing armor. Bending Dice can be used for attack, defense, or mobility (more on this in the Combat section). They're depleted on a roll of 1, and regained with a good night's sleep. Minor non-combat uses of bending may not require a BD roll for effectiveness and depletion depending on how significant they are. You need at least one limb or a weapon free to bend, unless you are an air or fire bender, in which case you can use your mouth. Some bending may require specific motions at DM's discretion. Each type of bender also has a benefit from their type:
  • Water: You have a +1 to BD rolls at night.
  • Fire: You have a +1 to BD rolls in the day.
  • Earth: You have +1 to BD rolls to defend.
  • Air: Your jump distance is doubled, and you only take half fall damage.


Equipment: A backpack, a bedroll, light armor, and two weapons or a weapon and a shield.

A: Armored, +1 Attack, +1 HP
B: +1 HP
C: +1 Attack, +1 HP
D: +1 HP

Armored: Your dodge penalty for armor is reduced by 1.


Equipment: A backpack, a bedroll, a rope and grapnel, and a weapon.

A: Acrobatic, +1 Attack, +1 Dodge
B: +1 Dodge
C: +1 Attack, +1 Dodge
D: +1 Dodge

Acrobatic: While not wearing armor, your jump distance is doubled, and you only take half fall damage. You can jump off of walls and wallrun without making a check.


Equipment: A backpack, a bedroll, a rope, lockpicks, and a weapon.

A: Sneak Attack, +1 Attack, +1 Stealth
B: +1 Stealth
C: +1 Attack, +1 Stealth
D: +1 Stealth

Sneak Attack: Your attacks deal double damage if your target is unaware of your presence.


Generally, on your turn you can move and act - acting is attacking, bending, or other miscellaneous things. You can jump 25 feet up, jump 50 feet horizontally, or run 75 feet on flat ground. More complicated movement may require a Body check. Initiative is individual initiative on a d20 modified by either Body or Luck.

Mundane Combat

Mundane combat works by opposed rolls. The attacker rolls Attack, and the defender rolls Dodge. Melee weapons have 5 foot range, or 10 foot range if they have reach. You can make an attack of opportunity against an opponent who leaves your range if you're using a melee weapon. You can use ranged weapons without penalty within the given range and with a -4 penalty to hit within twice that range. You can't attack a target outside that range, and you have a -4 penalty to hit a target within melee range.

Bending Combat

When you use bending to attack in combat, you can roll any number of BD you have to attack, dealing [sum] damage. Your opponent can either defend with bending - rolling any number of BD to negate [sum] damage, or can attempt to dodge. If they dodge, the procedure is the same as for a mundane attack. Dodging a bending attack should involve a significant amount of motion (doesn't count against movement on your turn). Bending doesn't have a specific range - that depends on common sense and how you describe your attack.


Polearm 1d10 4 Reach, two-handed
Sword 1d8 1 -
Spear 1d6 3 Reach, thrown 25 ft.
Dagger 1d6 1/3 Thrown 25 ft.
Unarmed 1d4 - -
Bow 1d6 2 Ranged 200 ft.
Thrown* 1d4 1/3 Thrown 50 ft. 
*Boomerangs, darts, shuriken, etc.

Light 1 2 -1
Medium 2 3 -2
Heavy 3 4 -3

Shields take up 2 slots and give +1 Dodge.


Techniques are the meat of Avatar GLOG. You get 1 technique automatically at 1st level. All others must be learned from someone who already knows the technique or from a repository of knowledge, such as an ancient scroll. Learning a technique may be a full quest or adventure in and of itself. I'm not going to make a comprehensive list or anything; you get to make those yourself. I'll provide a couple of examples.

Air Sphere
Prerequisites: Airbender A
You summon a ball of air to move around on. Your movement speed is multiplied by [dice] + 1 and you can move along walls.

Vibration Sense
Prerequisites: Earthbender A
You can sense anything moving while touching the ground or any underground structures within 200 feet. 

Lightning Redirection
Prerequisites: Firebender B
If an enemy makes a lightning attack against you, instead of dodging, you may Save. On a success, the attacker must dodge or take the damage instead.

Healing Hands
Prerequisites: Waterbender B
You can lay your hands (and water) on a wound, healing it on a [dice]-in-6. All BD used on this technique are automatically expended.

Metal Bending
Prerequisites: Earthbender D
You may bend metal as well as earth with your earthbending abilities.

Lightning Bending
Prerequisites: Firebender D
When you make a bending attack, you can choose to make it a lightning attack - it can't be defended against by bending, only by dodging, and it deals a minimum of half maximum damage. However, your BD deplete on a 2 or below for this technique, and if you roll a 1 on any of your BD, your attack fails and you take [dice] damage.

Blood Bending
Prerequisites: Waterbender D
If it's a full moon, you can seize control of [dice] enemies' bodies. You can't make use of their techniques or abilities, any attacks you force them to make have a -4 penalty, and their movement speed is halved. Waterbenders may Save to be immune to this ability.

Energy Bending
Prerequisites: Any 4 bender templates
If you spend a minute in contact with an incapacitated or restrained bender, you must make a contested Spirit roll against them. The loser of the contest loses all their bending abilities permanently.

Boomerang Master
Prerequisites: Warrior, Acrobat, or Rogue A
If you throw a boomerang, it will return to you no matter what. If you hit with a boomerang on a modified roll of 20 or above, the target must Save or be incapacitated for a round.

Thrown Weapon Master
Prerequisites: Warrior, Acrobat, or Rogue A
You have an effectively infinite supply of hidden thrown weapons. If you hit a thrown weapon attack against a target adjacent to a wall, you can pin one of their limbs.

Expert Swordsman
Prerequisites: Warrior 3
You have +1 Attack and +1 Dodge in melee while wielding a sword.

Chi-Blocking Strikes
Prerequisites: 4 total templates of Warrior, Acrobat, and/or Rogue
When you hit someone with an unarmed strike, they must Save or lose control of a limb for a minute and deplete one BD.

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