Sunday, March 22, 2020

GLOG: The Mouse (Redwall class)

Recently deus ex parabola (from the OSR discord) and I have been talking a lot about a Redwall hack of the GLOG. If you don't know what Redwall is, it's a series of children's books about talking rodents and mustelids having adventures and it's fantastic. Here's my take on what a Mouse class would look like (I don't have my own GLOG hack, so it's written for the Arnold K. GLOG. Hopefully it should work for most hacks). Most of it is stolen from the Goblin Guts Fighter and Knight, because those represent a lot of what the Mouse is about.


Redwall involves a lot of various creatures of different sizes. There are 4 different size categories: Small, Medium, Large, and Huge. Small creatures get -1 Str, -1 Con, and can reroll Dex. Medium creatures get no bonuses or penalties. Large creatures can reroll Str and get -1 Dex. Huge creatures get +2 Str, can reroll Con, and get -2 Dex. The minimum and maximum ability scores are still 4 and 16.

The Mouse

Size: Small

You gain +1 HP and +1 Save vs Fear for every Mouse template you possess.

Starting Equipment: Any two-handed weapon or any one-handed weapon and a shield (with 20 ammo if ranged), light armor

Starting Skill (1d3): 1. Wanderer, 2. Farmer, 3. Teenager

A     Parry, +1 Attack
B     Fury of the Small
C     Tricky, +1 Attack
D     Indomitable, Cleave

Parry: Once per day you can reduce incoming damage by 1d12 points. If you also choose to sunder your shield, you can reduce the incoming damage by 12 points instead of 1d12.

Fury of the Small: You have +1 Defense vs enemies larger than you. Once per day, you can gain +1 Attack and +1 Damage vs enemies larger than you for the rest of the combat.

Tricky: You get +2 to Combat Maneuver rolls. Additionally, whenever you attack and get exactly the number you needed, you may make a Dex check opposed by the target's Str or Dex (whichever is higher). If you win, you successfully execute a free Combat Maneuver.

Indomitable: When you are reduced to zero hitpoints, make a Save vs Death. On a success, you are instead reduced to 1 hitpoint. Once per day when you fail a save, you can reroll it.

Cleave: Whenever you reduce a creature to 0 HP with an attack, you can make another attack with the same weapon.

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