Saturday, August 15, 2020

GLOG: Life Mage

 This post is inspired by a post ArkosDawn of Tome of Dreams made on the OSR Discord (it's kinda hard to see, blame Blogger): 

So now I've made a class from that idea (although the math is a touch different). This class isn't really for Carolingia, although it doesn't exactly not work with the setting. It just doesn't feel quite right. Also, this is an extremely evil class. Do not play it if you want your character to be a good person. Do not play this class if the other PCs tend to murder bad people, because they will probably want to murder you.

The Life Mage

Starting Equipment: A leather helmet, any weapon (3 javelins count as one weapon, ranged weapons come with 20 ammunition), a small shield, a dagger, and 3 glass vials.

Skills: Occult Knowledge and 1d3: 1. Surgery, 2. Butchering, 3. Wrestling

Damage: 1d8

A: Sacrificial Spellcasting, +1 MD Cap
B: Measured Risk, +1 Spell
C: Vampiric Strikes, +1 MD Cap +1 Spell
D: Life Transference, +1 MD Cap, +1 Spell

Sacrificial Spellcasting:

You can cast spells using your life force, the life force of a willing ally you can touch, or that of an incapacitated enemy you can touch. You can deal damage to the source of the energy depending on how many MD you wish to cast the spell with: 2 damage for 1 MD, 4 damage for 2 MD, 8 damage for 3 MD, or 16 damage for 4 MD. You don't get MD from damage dealt to an incapacitated enemy that is greater than their hitpoints before the damage was dealt. You know two spells from the first six on the list, and gain one more at each further template of Life Mage (from the first 8 at B, first 10 at C, and all 12 at D). You can only cast spells of MD equal to or lower than your number of templates in this class.

Measured Risk: 

If damage you deal (including the damage from Sacrificial Spellcasting) would bring a creature below 0 hitpoints, once per day you can choose for this damage to only bring them to 0 hitpoints. This ability has a 1-in-20 chance of killing the creature outright instead.

Vampiric Strikes:

When you deal damage with a weapon attack, gain 1d4 hitpoints.

Life Transference:

You can transfer hitpoints between yourself and a willing creature you're touching. 


When you touch something, you can create a small and very clean cut in it with a thought. If you do this to a creature, it won't deal damage, but it will draw blood. Some especially durable objects may be immune.


You cannot enter a home without explicit permission. If anyone decent learns the source of your magic, they will either try to kill you or get a mob together to kill you (probably excepting other PCs).


  1. Song of Slaying
  2. Bane
  3. Hex
  4. Charm Person
  5. Blindness/Deafness
  6. Inflict Wounds
  7. Vampiric Touch
  8. Blight
  9. Control Blood
  10. Word of Pain
  11. Summon
  12. Hemorrhage


  1. Take 1d6 damage
  2. Take +1 damage from all sources for the next hour
  3. All creatures within 30 feet take 1d4 damage
  4. Your eyes are clouded with blood for 1d4 hours
  5. Your blood roars in your ears for 1d6 hours
  6. You are paralyzed for 1d4 hours


  1. Your muscles become feeble. Lose 2 Strength, 1 Dexterity, and 1 Constitution.
  2. Your blood runs thin. Whenever you gain a wound, you bleed out in 2d4 rounds without treatment.
  3. Your brain grows soft. Lose 1d4 of a random mental stat at the start of every week.


  1. I think this is very usable. I like it!

  2. What does Song of Slaying do?

    1. That one (unlike most of the spells in the list) actually has a description in my Chanter class. It buffs attack, damage, and AC, but at the cost of acting like a barbarian rage - you can't do anything but fight and kill.