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You Will Return With a Steel Mask Instead of a Face (GLOG Class: Specialist)

Starting Equipment: Any four items from the mundane equipment list, a double-action revolver with 6 rounds or a sword (probably a smallsword, backsword, or saber) and a parrying dagger, and a minor magical item (see the table at the end of the class).

Skills: Any two of your choice.

A: +2 Specializations
B: +1 Specialization, +1 Expertise
C: +1 Specialization, +1 Expertise
D: +2 Specializations, +1 Expertise
Specialization: At A template, you gain two Specializations. You gain a further one at B and C templates, and two more at D template. When you gain a Specialization, you gain it as a skill with all that implies in addition to gaining the first ability listed for that Specialization below.
Expertise: You gain Expertise in one Specialization at B, C, and D templates. When you gain Expertise in a Specialization, you gain the improved ability for that Specialization listed below. You also increase your score for that skill by 2.


  • Acrobat:
    • Ability: Treat any falls you take as 20 feet shorter. You can jump twice as far or high as you normally could, or can wall-run four times as far. Gain +1 Defense if your inventory is less than half full.
    • Improved: You can escape from any bonds or imprisonment given ten minutes, or any grapple given one round. Gain +1 Defense if your inventory is less than half full.
  • Archaeology:
    • Ability: You have a 3-in-6 chance of detecting traps immediately before activating them, although the nature and exact location of the trap is not revealed to you. You get a general sense of the meaning of any art you see.
    • Improved: If you see a ruined product of artifice, you know what it looked like when intact. When you enter an abandoned building or other construction, the DM gives you a flow diagram* of it (assuming it is of sufficient size to justify the effort).
  • Crime: 
    • Ability: You always know someone in the criminal underworld for a certain task. Depending on the difficulty and danger involved, they may hate you, they may require exorbitant payment, and they may be a hundred miles away, but they always exist. They have a 2-in-6 chance of owning you a favor, and there is an additional 1-in-6 chance that you owe them a favor.
    • Improved: 2d4+2 level 0 criminals (thieves, thugs, and the like) have heard of your prowess and enter your service. Any local crime bosses will probably take offense to this. Alluding to your criminal empire will intimidate people in proportion to how impressive it is (not very, to start).
  • Dueling:  
    • Ability: You have 2 weapon skill with melee weapons. When dueling a single foe, your melee attacks have +1 wound modifier and you gain +1 Defense.
    • Improved: If you win initiative in the first round of combat, you have +2 attack during that round. Gain +1 (unconditional) Defense.
  • Espionage:
    • Ability: As long as your face is covered by at least a mask covering the eyes or mouth, you cannot be recognized. If you talk with someone in polite company for ten minutes, you can ask 1d4 questions which they must answer truthfully and will not realize they have answered, and can automatically insinuate yourself into a stranger's good graces with a one minute conversation.
    • Improved: No one will ever suspect that you are lying or deceiving them unless presented with incontrovertible evidence, nor will they question any false identity you assume, as long as you apply more than a minimum of effort.
  • Exploration: 
    • Ability: Your group is slowed by natural obstacles half as much as they would otherwise be while traveling over land or water. You can see to the horizon with a telescope regardless of the air quality. Gain +1 inventory slot.
    • Improved: You know the location of all significant features within a mile of your location, and can remember precisely the locations of all major landmarks relative to yourself. Gain +1 inventory slot.
  • Forgery:
    • Ability: Your forgeries are so perfect as to count metaphysically and magically as the original. They cannot be detected as forgeries by any means.
    • Improved: You have a 2-in-6 chance (rolled secretly) of being able to forge things without seeing the original, improving by +1 for each of the following: you've met the creator, you know the creator personally and well, you possess bodily matter (hair, fingernail clippings, blood, flesh, etc) of the creator, you've seen other objects made by the creator.
  • Linguistics: 
    • Ability: You speak an additional two languages, and can gain working knowledge of any spoken or written language in a week of intensive study.
    • Improved: You have a 3-in-6 chance of knowing the meaning of any given short phrase of speech or writing in any language.
  • Medicine:
    • Ability: Given the proper supplies, those under your care regain lost Strength at twice the usual rate. With 50 sp of chemicals, a hypodermic needle, and an hour of preparatory time, you can prepare a serum that, when injected, restores 1d4+1 lost Strength. Each time after the first that it is injected per week, the chemicals also cause a permanent loss of 1 Coordination and 1 Observation.
    • Improved: Your serum now restores 1d6+1 Strength. If you tend to a character who was instantly killed within one round of their death for one minute, there is a 1-in-10 chance you can revive them, unconscious and with a permanent serious wound of the DM's choice.
  • Natural Philosophy: 
    • Ability: You can identify any creature, mineral, or other natural object or phenomenon that might plausibly have been written about in a scientific journal, and know one fact about it. If you catalogue new creatures, minerals, or other natural objects or phenomena and publish the information, you'll be paid 10 sp per fact published and will gain reputation among other natural philosophers quickly.
    • Improved: You can collect the body parts of magical creatures, then expend them to create a magical effect based on that creature. See table at end of class.
  • Thievery:
    • Ability: Gain +2 Stealth. Gain +2 inventory slots, the contents of which cannot be found by even the most thorough search. When you leave a room, you can choose to do so with up to 1d4 small items that won't be immediately missed in your pockets. You can climb any artificial structures without difficulty.
    • Improved: Gain +2 Stealth. If pretending to belong in a location, you will never be suspected of being out of place.  If in the dark and wearing dark clothing or are hiding in other concealment, you cannot be seen while standing still.
  • Tinkering: 
    • Ability: Provided the requisite materials, you can create small mechanical devices that do exactly what they are preset to do (i.e. a spring, 10 small gears, 6 small sticks, a compass, and a revolver can create a little device that walks 30 feet forwards, 20 feet left, and then fires all the chambers due north).
    • Improved: You always have a small supply of springs and gears on your person, regardless of whether you've been searched or anything else that might prevent you from carrying them. Upon touching a mechanical device, you intuitively know how to operate it, render it inoperable, and subvert its functioning to your purposes.

*More commonly known as a Melan diagram, but Melan is a gross bigot so fuck that.

Minor Magical Items (d6):

  1. Treasure Map: A sheet of worn paper that shows the location of all precious metals within 50 feet but nothing else. (Credit to CyberChronometer.)
  2. Magic Bag: Roll on this table. (Stolen shamelessly from Udan-Adan.)
  3. Bound Spirit: A small near-invisible spirit (can carry at most 5 lbs) bound inside a cigarette case; will perform one task you request before being unbound. (Credit to Gorinich.)
  4. Master Key: Will open any lock, but breaks and jams the lock upon opening it.
  5. Black Box: A little black box that can take any piece of soft metal less than 5 inches across and reshape it into whatever shape you want.
  6. Alden's Gift: A gilded midshipman's dirk (as a shortsword), can cut through 6 inches of any material once per day.

Magical Animal Parts (d6):

  1. Fairy's Wings: Gain a flight speed of 60 feet per round for 10 minutes, as long as you are carrying no more than 3 slots of gear.
  2. Phase Spider's Book-Lungs: Phase out of existence for 1d6 rounds, during which you cannot interact with the physical world and it cannot interact with you (allows you to walk through walls, etc.)
  3. Wyvern's Tooth: Stab a creature with the tooth; in addition to wounding as a knife it instantly deals 3d6 Strength damage.
  4. Giant Bat's Tongue: Gain (very loud) echolocation for an hour.
  5. Dragon's Heart: Permanently learn the language of the birds.
  6. Cockatrice Eye: One target who can see the eye must make a Luck check or die instantly.

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