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I Shall Build a More Peaceful World (GLOG Class: Martial Artist)

I wrote this class for my Seas of Sand game, so the locations and setting details are in reference to that. Mechanics are for a version of my Carolingia hack modified for the setting, but they should work for most systems with minimal adaptation.
Starting Equipment: A weapon used in your style, I have no idea what else but this class has been basically finished for more than a month so fuck it.

Skill: Wrestling
Damage: 1d8

You gain +1 HP for every second template of Martial Artist you possess.

A: Artistry, Style
B: Lash Out, +1 Technique, +1 AD
C: Branch Out, Intimidating Foe, +1 AD
D: Master, Signature, +1 AD

Artistry: You have a pool of dice, called Artistry Dice. You start with 2 of these dice (only one, if you're wearing armor or using a shield), and gain more as you level up. They may be d6s, d4s, or d2s, depending on how you're using them (see Style). They are depleted when you roll the maximum value, and return after a good night's sleep. You may add the sum of your rolled AD to attack or grappling rolls after seeing the initial result, and may add them to your AC after seeing an enemy's attack roll. You may also roll AD and add the total number of AD rolled to a damage roll after seeing the result. AD may only be used to attack when unarmed or when using a weapon favored by your Style, and may not be used to defend when surprised

Style: You are a practitioner of a style of martial arts. Each art has several components: a skill it gives you proficiency in, AD sizes for Attack, Defense, and Grappling, weapons it allows you to use with your AD, some favored moves (purely flavor), and several Techniques. You automatically learn the Basic Technique of your Style, and may learn others with practice: one month of daily study with a master for the first Technique you learn from that Style, two months for the next, etc. You also gain a Technique for free at B template, which doesn't count towards your learning time.

Lash Out: Once per round, [templates]-2 HD worth of enemies within striking range of you must Save or die (or be incapacitated or flee, at your discretion). The first enemy with <1 HD you use this ability against each round counts as 0 HD, but all further <1 HD enemies count as 1 HD.
Branch Out: With a month of study with a master, you may learn an additional Style. Alternatively, you may create your own new Style with a month of practice. In either case, you also learn the Basic Technique of this Style. You may, in the future, learn or invent yet more Styles, but it will cost you 10,000 XP each time.

Intimidating Foe:
When you attack an enemy, they must make a Save vs Fear or become frightened of you for 1 minute. Whether they saved or not you cannot use this ability on them again during this combat.

Master: You do not need to study with a master to learn Techniques, instead you need only practice alone. Wherever you go, 2d6 students will be willing to study with you, or even more as your fame grows. These students become Level 0 Martial Artists with a month of training even if they do not adventure, Level 1 with a year, Level 2 with 5 years, and Level 3 with 20 years. They are willing to support you financially and are willing to risk themselves physically for you, although they may grow rebellious if ill-treated, and particularly skilled individuals may eventually challenge your authority as master.

Signature: Learn the Signature Technique of one Style you know. You may, in the future, learn Signature Techniques as you learn Techniques.


A brutal unarmed martial art practiced in heroic trials in Zeghzouyan.
Skill: Wrestling (this bumps you up to Expert right away)
AD Sizes: Attack d4, Defense d2, Grappling d6.
Weapons: Cestus, sap gloves, and other fist-load weapons.
Favored Moves: Punches, gouges, throws, knees, elbows, chokes.
  • Basic Technique: Feats of Strength. You may use your Grappling AD for any non-combat rolls that use Strength.
  • Technique: Backbreaker. If you win an opposed grappling roll, your damage against that target is doubled the next round.
  • Technique: Eye Gouge. You may take a -3 penalty on an attack or grappling roll; if this still hits/wins, your opponent must Save. On a failure, they are permanently blinded. On a success, they are blinded for one round.
  • Signature Technique: Infallible Takedown. Enemies wielding weapons do not get to make free attacks against you when you go in for a grapple.

This style, practiced in the ascetic fighting pits of Qaam Maal, focuses on high kicks and staves.
Skill: Theology
AD Sizes: Attack d6, Defense d4, Grappling d2.
Weapons: Staff, spear.
Favored Moves: Roundhouse kicks, spinning kicks, blocks as strikes against the limbs.
  • Basic Technique: Headhunter. If you spend a round preparing, the next round you may loose a mighty kick, which, if it hits, forces the target to Save or be stunned for a round.
  • Technique: Best Defense. If an attack misses you after you used your AD to increase your AC, the attacker takes 1d4 damage (if unarmed) or must Save vs being disarmed (if armed).
  • Technique: Fighting Retreat. You may make two free attacks, rather than one, against enemies who attempt to grapple you.
  • Signature Technique: Crippling Blows. You may add [sum] instead of [dice] to your damage rolls when using AD.

The ancient martial art of Layoumlayla, which uses quick movements and acrobatics to escape harm.
Skill: Acrobatics
AD Sizes: Attack d2, Defense d6, Grappling d4.
Weapons: Sword, polearm.
Favored Moves: Sidesteps, head movement, jabs, spoiling kicks, joint locks.
  • Basic Technique: Foot-Dance. You may roll AD to jump 5*[dice]' in the air, wall-run 20*[dice]', or perform other similar feats. While doing so, you gain [sum] AC. Gain movement speed equal to [templates]*5'.
  • Technique: Arm-Bar. If an opponent misses three attacks against you in a row or you win two opposed grappling rolls in a row, that opponent must Save or suffer a fractured arm (or whatever other limb they used to attack you).
  • Technique: Parry. You may use AD to reduce the damage of an attack that hits you by [dice], but those AD are automatically expended.
  • Signature Technique: Sandstorm. You can leap with full power from a single toe and always land precisely where you mean to. Attacks you make from the air have +1 to-hit and if you moved your maximum movement last round, you have [templates] extra AC.
Traditionally the martial art used in trials-by-combat before the Volcanic Altar of Ilmensaal, this style largely uses armor and weaponry rather than unarmed combat.
Skill: Bureaucracy
AD Sizes: Attack d6, Defense d2, Grappling d4.
Weapons: Mace, dagger.
Favored Moves: Trips, feints, dirt in the eyes, hair-pulling, dagger to the armpit.
  • Basic Technique: Armored Warfare. You don't lose an AD for wearing armor (but you still do for using a shield).
  • Technique: Feint. The first time you use AD for Attack in a given combat, they don't deplete.
  • Technique: Sweep. You may spend AD to give opponents a -[dice] penalty on rolls against being tripped or otherwise knocked over. This becomes a -[sum] penalty on armored opponents.
  • Signature Technique: Crush. When you hit an opponent with a mace, roll hit location as if it was an injury. Your opponent thereafter has -1 to all rolls using that body part (if it's the head, that's all rolls). This penalty is cumulative.
The legendary art of the first inhabitants of the Seas, long since lost to time. Reputed to revolve around total domination of the combat on all levels.
Skill: Intimidation
AD Sizes: Attack d6, Defense d6, Grappling d6.
Weapons: Dart, dagger, javelin, greataxe.
Favored Moves: Heel kicks, open-hand strikes, pressure points, pushes and otherwise moving your opponent, mounts.
  • Basic Technique: The Maker. Every time you succeed an attack roll or win an opposed grappling roll, gain +1 to all future rolls you make in this combat. This bonus is cumulative. If an attack hits you or you lose an opposed grappling roll, lose this bonus.
  • Technique: G_d's Voice. You may use AD to issue an order, and everyone with fewer than [sum] HD who hears you must Save or obey for a few instants at least.
  • Technique: Old Man. Make an attack with a -5 penalty to hit a pressure point. If you hit, you may dictate what essential bodily function is disabled by hitting that spot.
  • Technique: Little Death. Once per day, you may choose to make an enemy you hit fall unconscious immediately.

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