Saturday, April 25, 2020

GLOG Fighter Technique: Crane's Neck

This is a technique for Deus ex Parabola's Sword-Shepard GLOG class.

Swords are sidearms, not primary weapons. Those who use a sword as more than a last resort are amateurs and posers, their sight obscured by the glamor and 'grace' of a long blade (how graceful is it to have your most powerful blows glance off plate armor with no effect at all?). Real professionals use polearms.

Equipment: The equipment from the Sword-Shepard, excepting the sword and shield, a polearm from the below table, and a dagger.

Since this is for Deus' Sword-Shepard class, I'm using his weapon rules. A medium weapon deals 1d8 damage, can be used with 1 or 2 hands, and takes 1 slot. A heavy weapon deals 1d10 damage, can only be used with 2 hands, and takes 2 slots. A massive weapon deals 2d6 damage, can only be used with 2 hands, and takes 4 slots. All of the below polearms have reach.

d20 Polearm
1 Spear and shield (medium)
2 Dane axe (heavy)
3 Hewing spear (massive)
4 Bill (massive)
5 Partisan (massive)
6 Glaive (massive)
7 Poleaxe (heavy)
8 Halberd (massive)
9 Guisarme (massive)
10 Bec de corbin (heavy)
11 Ranseur (massive)
12 Bohemian earspoon (heavy)
13 Fauchard (massive)
14 Voulge (massive)
15 Naginata (heavy)
16 Yari (massive)
17 Nagamaki (heavy)
18 Dagger-axe (heavy)
19 Guandao (massive)
20 Pudao (heavy)

Yes, all of these are real, even the Bohemian earspoon. There's also plenty of other polearms that I wish I could put on here but d20 is plenty so if your favorite is missing feel free to use that instead (shoutout to all those Lucerne hammer fans). Now on to the techniques.

Crane's Neck
These practical, straightforwards techniques are used by professional soldiers and mercenaries the world over. To learn them, you must find a true master of the art, usually drunk and crippled in a seedy bar or leading a reputable and expensive mercenary company.

1. Brace For Impact: While you are wielding a weapon with reach, when a target moves to within your reach , you may make an attack of opportunity against them. If you hit, they must save or not be able to move closer to you this turn.

2. Whirl of Steel and Wood: While you are wielding a polearm with two hands, if you make an attack, you may choose to make another attack dealing 1d4 damage instead of moving.

3. Shattering Blows: While you are wielding a heavy or massive weapon, you have +1 to hit against heavily armored opponents (15 AC or more).

4. Who Says You Can't Throw a Halberd? You can throw any polearm, no matter its size.


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